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24th July
Parents & Friends Group 9am

26th July

2019 Prep Interviews

28th July

Year 4 Eucharist 5.30pm

31st July
Parent Teacher Interviews

2nd August

Whole School Mass 9.30am
School Advisory Group Meeting 7pm

8th August
Parent Teacher Interviews

23rd & 24th August
School closure day
Staff PD & Conference


Website Issues
Welcome to our website......

Our Lady of Fatima School is situated on the Mornington Peninsula, approximately 85km south of Melbourne, in a seaside location on the edge of Port Phillip Bay. The school serves the Catholic communities of both Rosebud and Dromana.

Our school offers a comprehensive curriculum within the context of a faith community. Our Lady of Fatima School offers the latest in teaching and learning, technology, extra curricula activities, and the benefits of being a high quality, inclusive, co-educational Catholic school. We offer our students a rounded education that supports personal growth based on Christian values. We encourage students to develop a knowledge of other cultures, languages and environmental and social issues.

In your child's time at Our Lady of Fatima the staff will be willing to support you in the education of your child. We will always try our hardest to provide the best environment for good learning, as well as making school a good place to be for your child. We are fortunate to have an excellent team of dedicated and competent staff who are well supported by all in the parent community.

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You may be aware of a number of projects completed during the school holidays which make our school a safer and more exciting place to learn.

A huge thank you to Rob and Melissa Osorio and the Sayvon Tree Service team for their maintenance work on the large trees bordering our yard over the holidays.  An independent arborist conducted an audit of every tree on the property back in May and decisions were made based on this report. All strong healthy trees have been maintained. Trees considered diseased, dangerous or unstable have been trimmed or removed as required. The result is that our school yard is a much safer place and we now have the opportunity to undertake a replanting project with due consideration given to school yard safety and suitability.

A school crossing on Hinton Street was also completed in the holidays. Work on the crossing was conducted by contractors through the Mornington Peninsula Shire. Our thanks to all involved.

We welcome Lyn, our crossing supervisor to the Fatima community. Lyn’s first day on the job was accompanied by huge winds, pelting rain and lightning – which all began just before the bell sounded for the end of the school day. Welcome Lyn – your first day may be memorable as quite possibly the worst weather conditions ever, but I am sure that as you get to know our students and community, that there will be many sunny days ahead.

Parents please note: If you park anywhere on the opposite side of Hinton Street please use the school crossing,. By modeling this safe practice to all children you may possibly save a life. What a great investment of the extra 30 seconds or so it will take to walk to the designated crossing.

The final project completed over the holidays involved the installation of smart screens into each classroom. These replace the old projectors which were becoming progressively dull and limited in terms of what they could do given advances in technology. The new screens are bright, fully interactive and come with a bank of great educational apps and built in hard drives. The capacity of these screens will be showcased at the next School Advisory Group meeting on Thursday August 2nd at 7.00pm. This meeting is open to any parents who would like to contribute to our school direction and planning.

Tuesday 31st July and Wednesday 8th August 3:40pm - 6:30pm https://www.schoolinterviews.com.au booking code: 435tg


You may have seen on our Facebook page or heard from your child/ren that we now have school beanies available.  These can be purchased at Beleza for $10. With the winter weather the beanies will be a welcomed addition to our school uniform. If you purchase a beanie please ensure that your child’s name is clearly written on the tag. With this new uniform addition it is now an expectation that if children are wearing a beanie it needs to be a school one.

PREP 2019
Interview dates for prep 2019 students will be held on Thursday 26th July and Tuesday 31st August. All families who have submitted enrolment forms will receive a letter with instructions for the online booking details. If you know of any families considering enrolling a child at Fatima for 2019 who have not yet put in their application, please remind them to do so as soon as possible.

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