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20th April
Circus Program Begins Prep - Yr2

23rd April
Circus Program Years 3 - 6

24th April
Cyber Safety Program Prep - Yr6
Cyber Safety Parent
Information Night @7pm

25th April

ANZAC Day - no school

26th April
Beginning of term school Mass 9.30am

27th April
Circus Program Prep - Yr 2

15th to 17th May



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Welcome to our website......

Our Lady of Fatima School is situated on the Mornington Peninsula, approximately 85km south of Melbourne, in a seaside location on the edge of Port Phillip Bay. The school serves the Catholic communities of both Rosebud and Dromana.

Our school offers a comprehensive curriculum within the context of a faith community. Our Lady of Fatima School offers the latest in teaching and learning, technology, extra curricula activities, and the benefits of being a high quality, inclusive, co-educational Catholic school. We offer our students a rounded education that supports personal growth based on Christian values. We encourage students to develop a knowledge of other cultures, languages and environmental and social issues.

In your child's time at Our Lady of Fatima the staff will be willing to support you in the education of your child. We will always try our hardest to provide the best environment for good learning, as well as making school a good place to be for your child. We are fortunate to have an excellent team of dedicated and competent staff who are well supported by all in the parent community.

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CYBER SAFETY - Parenting in a Digital World - TUESDAY 24TH APRIL
One of the most important jobs you will ever do as a parent is ensure your child is informed, safe and respectful in the online world. There are many traps for children when they venture unsupervised and uninformed into what is essentially an adult world.

They can be exposed to information, images and video footage, which once seen cannot be unseen.
They can engage with people online whom you would never welcome into your home.
They can become addicted to games and social network sites.
They can become withdrawn from the family
They can have trouble sleeping

Even their own friends can be the source of great distress simply because the online world distorts the social interaction by removing the place of empathy. You cannot know how your words are impacting another when you do not see the hurt on their face or the tears in their eyes. Sadly this can lead to very negative impacts on self-esteem, confidence and friendships. No-one wants their child to suffer or be the source of another’s pain.

Come along next Tuesday evening to our Parent Information Night from 7.00 – 8.00 to find out what you can do to keep your child safe and happy when they are online. If you do not have a babysitter bring your children along – there will be fun and games provided for them with teacher supervision.

This Cyber Safety Parent Information Evening - Parenting in the Digital World is one of the most important events you will attend. Sadly when these have been held in the past only a very small group of parents have attended. They have walked away with their eyes opened and an understanding of how to parent their way through the challenges. The constant reflection is ‘Why wasn’t everyone here? – This is so important.’

Do not miss out this time. There is no cost for the workshop, babysitters are provided and the following day is a public holiday. Book online at https://goo.gl/XwSZJh

On Wednesday 25th April is a public holiday to honour ANZAC DAY. Our school will join the RSL march in Rosebud. Any students who would like to join in the march are asked to assemble in school uniform, meeting under the school banner on the corner of Nepean Highway and 9th Avenue at 9.15am. There will be a short march to the corner of Nepean Highway and Jetty Road where the formal ceremonies will take place. The ceremonies should conclude at approximately 10.30pm. All welcome.



We are very excited to be once again preparing our students to stage a circus at the end of term two. It has been three years since we undertook this venture and those students who remember it are looking forward to mastering a new skill. Circus training classes will be held on Mondays for years 3 – 6 and on Fridays for Years Prep – 2. Skills include juggling, diablos, spinning plates, hoops, gymnastics and more. Students may wear sports uniform on their circus training days. The circus performance will be on Thursday 21st June. More details to follow


Our Prep 2019 enrolments are now open – so spread the word to family, friends and neighbours who are looking to enroll for next year. Enrolment packs will be distributed to all pre schools in the first week of Term Two. These will consist of an information book and the enrolment form. These are available from our school office at any time. We ask that enrolments are received by the end of June and advise that interviews will be conducted at the start of Term Three. 

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