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Transport & Traffic



Before School
Children can be dropped off in the Hinton Street car park before school. Parents are asked to park in a designated parking bay to give their children a safe place to alight from the car. Parents parking on the Hinton Street side of the car park are asked to escort their children from the car across the car park until they reach the walkway on the side of the car park near the fence. The children may enter the school via the main gate or the smaller gate at the Besgrove Street end of the car park.

Please note: The Besgrove Street (end of the car park) entrance is locked at 9.05am

On arrival at school, students must remain within the boundaries of the school and grounds.

A child is only permitted to leave the school's premises with parental written authority, after being sighted by the Principal or class teacher.

After School
All children travelling home in a car must be collected from their classroom between 3.30 and 3.35p.m. Parents are asked to walk with and supervise their children until they get into their cars. Children should not cross over the car park by themselves.

Children not collected by 3.35 will gather in the assembly area under the shade sails where parents may collect the children. An adult must accompany students as they leave the school.

Official supervision of students is not provided after 3.50pm. All children are expected to leave the playground immediately after class dismissal with a parent or responsible adult. The Adventure Playgrounds, basketball courts and play areas are not part of our after school duty and as such students are not allowed to play on these areas after school.


Car Park - we have a car park for 78 cars. There is also parking in Hinton Street, however, it is preferred that all cars access the car park. No cars are permitted to park in the church car park, this is reserved for the elderly parishioners. Please reverse park, this is a safety issue.

Speed Limits - Hinton Street has a permanent speed limit of 40Km and the school car park is 5km.

Please note: The car park is ONE WAY only. Cars must only enter from the main entrance end and can only exit from the Besgrove Street end of the car park.

Children riding to school may enter by the front school entrance and place their bike in the bike racks provided. All bikes must have a lock when in the bike rack. All children must wear a helmet when riding.

When leaving school children may leave by the main entrance only.

Bike riders may not ride against the one- way traffic in the car park.

The riding of bikes, scooters, skateboards etc., is not permitted on the school property.

This is a government allowance payable each term to families who reside more than 4.8km from the nearest Catholic Primary School. Information on this appears in the school newsletter requesting eligible parents to obtain a form from the office.


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