Our Lady of Fatima Rosebud



Homework is set to:

  • promote positive attitudes to what has been achieved during the day. It should compliment and enrich the curriculum covered.
  • further develop the children’s organisational and time management skills.
  • help build a partnership between home and school.
  • Promote children’s overall development taking into account not only academic considerations, but spiritual, emotional, social and physical growth as well.
  • broaden children’s horizons by:
    • using their immediate environment, ie. television, radio, newspaper etc.
    • encouraging, valuing an awareness of and participation in community groups such as sports, arts and social clubs.

    ...... thus allowing both children and parents to see connections to classroom learning activities.

Homework Expectations:
Homework expectations are set in teacher’s team planning sessions. These expectations are clearly defined and explained to parents and children alike. Parents are informed re Homework expectations via the Class emails regularly.


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