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Parents are required by law to have their children attend school each day. If a child is absent, a note explaining the reason for absence (illness, etc.) should be given to the class teacher upon the child's return to school. This is a legal requirement. Absentee forms are available from the school office, or email a short note to your classroom teacher or the school office at info@fatimarosebud.catholic.edu.au


Students are able to bank with the Catholic Development Fund each week (ask at the office for which day of the week). Students put their bankbooks and money in the classroom message tub, and they are subsequently sent to the office to be processed.


The Catholic Education Office requires the school to ensure that student information is available to both parents. In the case of family problems involving separation, the Principal must be informed, in writing, so that the school is aware of your arrangements and situation. Should any Court Orders be issued then the school must cite these and retain a copy at the school.


If your child/children need to leave the school for any reason during school hours, you will need to come to the school office first and sign the “Early Departure” book. You will be given a slip that must be handed to the classroom teacher on collection of your child.


This allowance is payable each term to families who hold a current Centrelink Pensioner Concession or Health Care Benefit Card on the first day of Term 1 and the first day of Term 3. Information on this appears in the school newsletter requesting eligible parents to obtain a form from the office.


Our Lady of Fatima has an evacuation/counter disaster policy. The policy is readily available from the School Office for parents to read. Staff are well versed in the procedures involved. The School holds regular evacuation practices to ensure that all staff and children are comfortable with their roles should an emergency situation occur. A copy of the Emergency Management Plan is in every classroom and/or work area in the school.


At the commencement of each year, we send out an information update sheet. This information sheet seeks information on address change, current contact people, marital status, etc. Should your home/family information change during the year, we would appreciate being advised of this, so as to save embarrassment and in cases of emergency being able to provide an efficient service. All the information is covered in our school’s Privacy Policy. (See Privacy Statement)


LOST PROPERTY: All items should be clearly labelled. We ask that the children’s names be marked on the inside band of jumpers/jackets with a permanent marker. If items are misplaced, check in your child's classroom.


All permission/sport notes and money sent to school should be in a clearly labelled envelope with your family name, your child’s Year Level and the contents of the envelope. All notices are to be placed in your child’s classroom’s message tub and not handed directly to Office Staff.


Prep children will commence school on the same day as all the other children. From Week Two the children will attend school on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday with every Wednesday being a recommended day of rest. Prep children will begin full time school in the week following Labour Day weekend.


The structure of class groupings allows great flexibility with teaching. Straight grades, composite grades and multi-grades will be used depending on the learning activity and number of students.


Smartphone school to parent communication. The Skoolbag App delivers school notices directly to parents and students. Get connected, download from the app store.


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